Function Diagnostic Reading Center Aalen

PerCent-A covers the following main topics:

  1. Consultation Service
    To establish appropriate perimetric guidelines for all involved sites:

    • Definition of appropriate perimetric procedures and quality control parameters.
    • Development of criteria for detection and progression of scotoma.
    • Development of a Visual Field Analysis Protocol as supplement to the study protocol.
  2. Certification Service
    To promote a high level of competency among the visual field technicians responsible for the concerning trial:

    • Setting up the protocol for visual field technician training and certification procedures.
    • Teaching and certifying the visual field technicians of participating study sites via teaching sessions or (optionally) via remote instructions/protocols.
    • Certification by tests.
  3. Data Processing Service
    For Octopus 101, Octopus 900, Humphrey Field Analyzer (HFA II, at least software version A 10.2 or HFA IIi, at least software version C 3.2). Other devices on request.

    1. Data management
      • Easy data transfer via internet to a central server.
      • Status of visual field processing in the reading center can be checked by the client.
    2. Data quality control
      • immediate check of each visual field upload
      • immediate feedback to the concerning study sites
      • preliminary quality control reports
    3. Date storage
      • Secure data storage due to a GNU/Linux server
      • SSL-secured access to the webserver is provided by a user friendly interface based on modern web technologies (Ruby on Rails, HTML5, jQuery, Sass). In the background a MySQL database is used.
  4. Data Analysis
    According to Visual Field Analysis Protocol for detection of scotoma occurrence and assessment of scotoma change:

    • Glaucoma staging systems (e.g. HAP, Mills, Aulhorn)
    • Detection and evaluation of pathology.
    • Evaluation of conversion from normal to pathological / vice versa or unchanged status.
    • Evaluation/confirmation of pathology.
    • Progression analysis (pointwise linear regression [PLR], event criteria, perimetric indices in cooperation with the client).
  5. Reports
    According to the customer’s/sponsor’s order.