Test individuals wanted

The study course Ophthalmic optics and the University Eye Hospital Tuebingen runs a joint interactive course on refraction (RiTA course). Within the scope of this course ophthalmologists and residents are interactively educated in a variety of objective and subjective refractive techniques.
We are looking for test subjects who are wearing spectales (for distant and/or near vision) and are willing to participate in this teaching course. The expense allowance is set to 20,–€ per hour.

Are you interested?
I am looking forward to your reply via phone or email.

Christina Kraus
telephone: + 49 7361 576 – 4623
telefax: +49 7361 576 – 4685
  • Test subjects of any age
  • Spectacle correction (for near and/or distant vision) required


Hochschule Aalen
Study course Ophthalmic Optics
Anton-Huber-Straße 23
73430 Aalen