Statistical Computing


JMP (pronounced jump ) is a computer program for statistics, developed by the JMP business unit of SAS Institute.

JMP is used in applications such as Six Sigma for quality control and technical planning, design of experiments (DOE) and scientific research.

The software has its focus in the exploratory analysis, data visually inspected at the user and erforschen.

Reference: Wikipedia

An example of entering data in JMP is available here (month can be replaced by patient/subject if necessary).



R is a free programming language for statistical computing and statistical graphs. It was created based on the S programming language and largely compatible with this. In addition, the developers oriented to the Scheme language.

R is part of the GNU project and available on many platforms. R is increasingly seen as the statistical standard language both in the commercial as well as in the scientific field (though mainly in the commercial sector SAS is also very popular).

Reference: Wikipedia